re: PAL JOEY revisal
Posted by: keikekaze 02:01 pm EDT 10/04/21
In reply to: PAL JOEY revisal - showtunetrivia 11:30 am EDT 10/04/21

I’m either tremendously excited or tremendously nervous about this.

As Goldman says several times in The Season, "I'm worried." All those interpolated Rodgers & Hart songs were not written for this show or these characters. They won't make any sense coming out of these characters' mouths, no matter how the revised book tries to tweak the characters and situations. This never works, and the more famous the interpolated songs are, the less it works. What they'll wind up with, at best, is a possibly elaborate and possibly well-staged Rodgers & Hart songbook revue with an added-on plot that doesn't make much sense, having been twisted to fit the song list.

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