re: PAL JOEY revisal
Posted by: showtunetrivia 02:20 pm EDT 10/04/21
In reply to: re: PAL JOEY revisal - keikekaze 01:52 pm EDT 10/04/21

Well, I haven’t sold it. After a decade of non-stop rejections from publishers big and small, I’ve decided to self-publish. I’m not getting any younger; publishing in general is in the toilet (my husband has written over a hundred novels, won awards, and made the NYT bestseller list, and even with that track record, he’s feeling the pinch); and, let’s face it, marketing the world’s first alternate theatre history novel is a hard sell. Niche market, anyone? More like a crevice!

Of course, I probably didn’t help my chances of getting a sale by devoting an entire chapter to moving a piano. :) It’s an important piano, but still…

Anyway, fingers are crossed that BROADWAY REVIVAL will be available by the end of the year.


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