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I'd be concerned about interpolating Rodgers & Hart songs from other sources, but then again, it's not the first time.

The last Broadway revival of ''Pal Joey'' was in 2008, starring Stockard Channing and Matthew Risch. Richard Greenberg, the Tony-winning writer of ''Take Me Out,'' did a new adaptation of John O'Hara's book, and interpolated ''I Still Believe in You'' and ''Are You My Love?''

And then there's the ''loosely adapted'' 1957 movie of ''Pal Joey,'' starring Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak and Frank Sinatra. It incorporated R&H standards, like ''I Didn't Know What Time It Was,'' ''There's a Small Hotel,'' ''The Lady Is a Tramp'' and ''My Funny Valentine.''

(I even saw ''Pal Joey '78,'' starring Lena Horne in a ''disco'' version, in San Francisco, but luckily my memory has blocked any recollections.)

My concern about interpolating Rodgers & Hart classics from other shows is: Will they displace the lesser-known originals I enjoy?

I love ''Plant You Now, Dig You Later'' and ''You Mustn't Kick It Around,'' but in the Sinatra movie, they're only instrumentals.
Link 'Pal Joey' (1957): 'You Mustn't Kick It Around' (as background music)

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