re: How bad is "Diana" on Netflix?
Posted by: Delvino 06:10 pm EDT 10/04/21
In reply to: How bad is "Diana" on Netflix? - Charles-McNulty 03:34 pm EDT 10/04/21

Spot on. Gratitude for recognizing the subtle work of the resourceful Davie, who almost makes Parker-Bowles a slowly emerging Elphaba: an ostensible villain far more compelling than the deer-forever-in-the-headlights Diana. Davie is structurally positioned as the obstacle in the love story -- wait, is it ever a love story? -- but even the libretto acknowledges her earned rooting value when the Queen finally compliments Camilla's patience. A musical that ends up giving Diana's nemesis the better material (resulting in the best performance) arrives bearing its fundamental flaw: a heroine unworthy of our time.

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