re: How bad is "Diana" on Netflix?
Posted by: showtunetrivia 01:50 am EDT 10/05/21
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Here’s the last portion of the review, ryhog.

“Diana” clarified for me why some people not only hate musicals but also loathe those who unabashedly do. The show, which was supposed to have opened last year but was forced to close in previews because of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been generically devised to draw in the tourist hordes. (Ashley, who seems never to have met a Broadway-bound musical he didn’t want to shepherd, had better luck with his recent live-capture of “Come From Away,” a show with infinitely more heart.)

Artistically, “Diana” is soulless. The raison d'être seems to be to make money. The streaming of a filmed performance before the production even opens on Broadway is an unusual marketing strategy that perhaps intends to get ahead of what will likely be punishing reviews.

Let’s hope the tactic fails — not out of any malice but out of the hope that producers won’t be rewarded for shamelessly sticking with schlock.

During the long pandemic pause, Broadway has been forced to confront not only its dismal record on race but also its checkered history on the rights and dignity of its workers. Cluttering the space with commercial mediocrity sadly suggests a return to business as usual.

For this reason, “Diana” isn’t just bad but dangerous. The musical deserves to disappear in the detritus of Netflix.”


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