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The tradition of casting Mrs. Brice: Kay Medford, Maureen Stapleton, Tyne Daly, Jayne Houdyshell: not one of them was/is Jewish.

Who cares? They were- to varying degrees- all great. (Any record of Lillian Roth? Was she any better?)

Valerie Harper and Nancy Walker were both shiksas who played probably the most iconic Jewish characters in mid-century American TV.

The most-celebrated anti-Semite and anti-Catholic character Archie Bunker (and his UK equivalent Alf Garnett) were played by a Jew and a Catholic!

Sean Penn was a deeply moving and accurate (as far as I can tell) Harvey Milk.

I think it's great and adds verisimilitude when a role is played by someone with a lived experience similar to their character. And it's a good thing to open up the acting opportunities for marginalised communities.

But "offensive"? Does a murderer have a right to gripe when they cast- as they inevitably do- a non-murderer as Jack the Ripper? Or a non-vampire as Dracula?

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