Hamilton this afternoon: Miguel Cervantes, brilliant.
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I was given a ticket last night, and raced off this afternoon, surprised and delighted. I've seen both Javier and Lin (fans of both), but can report that my favorite Alexander is the current one: Miguel Cervantes. This is a remarkably agile singing actor, his ability to serve the score's rap demands and old school musical theater material rendering the most seamless vocal performance. When he gets to "Hurricane," it's a new layered revealed. Emotionally, it's also the most complex of the three. In his mid-forties, Cervantes plays the first act as a livewire shot from a cannon, tightly coiled and loosened in spurts (the most full throttle take on Yorktown). He uses his comedy chops to find youthful bravado, and then an older, more centered gravitas to make the story's dark turns deeply affecting. He's played it 1200 time, per Playbill, yet in the reminted reboot, makes the role feel new. After studying the Disney performance in close-up, I thought I had nothing new to learn about the character but Cervantes finds a new pulse. Anyone seeing this newly rehearsed iteration is in for a great ride. With the coolly elegant Jin Ha as a sophisticated Burr, the show is superb shape.

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