re: Maureen Stapleton, Tyne Daly, Jayne Houdyshell did BIRDIE not FG
Posted by: champagnesalesman 12:23 am EDT 10/07/21
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Kay Medford did both
Jackie Hoffman can definitely tone it down and be serious as in the recent
FRUMA SARAH play. Randy Graff and Alix Korey(both Jewish) would have been great as Rose Brice and Strakosh in the Ambrose production they were about to start rehearsing when the plug was pulled.
Carol Burnett told the producers of the original FG they needed a Jewish girl for the part to make it work. You could substitute NEW YORK for Jewish. as noted Bancroft believably did many times...Anne Meara also, similar to Medford. Beanie is from LA("out of town Jewish" to quote Neil Simon) Jane Lynch is very midwestern but she is sardonic. She's also 6 feet tall.
Totally agree about GOLDEN GIRLS...the odds are ALL four of those women in Miami would have been Jewish. Fran Drescher said they wanted to make THE NANNY Italian too.

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