It took me all day to read your post
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And then four seconds to respond. And you are the one deflecting when you keep moving your target. And until then, this was a pleasant enough conversation.

But let's recap, since you decided to go on the offensive here, First it was "He says he wants to support women playwrights, but what about women actors?" as if this is just an issue of substituting one set of women for another. When that was answered, you switched to "Oh, there were legal documents and other people were employed". When that was answered, it was "Oh, he's made this all about HIMSELF". When that was answered it was, "Oh, he's put pressure on the theater to do something they might not do". When that was answered by pointing you back to the argument about making it about HIMSELF, it was "Oh, you're stupid and I'm not going bother with you anymore".

So you're making it about YOURSELF and your need to complain about Harris from any angle you can find. Which is a shame, because what we should be talking about is why CTG programmed a season - after an 18 month hiatus in which they had plenty of time to read all of the plays out there, which is their job - that has only one female playwright. Which is gross and objectionable on every level, but which you seem completely fine with. Not a single peep about the issue that Jeremy O. Harris is asking us to have the conversation focus on. No, you only want to talk about him, while claiming he's making it about himself, but actually YOU'RE making it about him. See what you did there?

PS, I do kind of love this passive aggressive immaturity where you think you can mock me and then blow me off and I'm gonna feel bad about it or something. I don't.

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