re: Random question re the DEH film - possible spoilers
Posted by: Thom915 03:03 pm EDT 10/07/21
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I just came from a private viewing of the film. Okay so it wasn't meant to be a private viewing but I was the only one in the theater so it amounts to the same thing. I found Platt's age to be a non-issue and thought his performance was very good, well deserving of the plaudits he received for creating the role onstage. I could see where people might object to a certain staginess in his performance but I took this to be arising from the awkwardness of the character and not of the actor. I found the supporting cast to be mainly excellent especially Amanda Stenberg, Kaitlin Dever and Amy Adams. Colton Ryan was the most charming bully ever. I found in some shots Nik Dodani looked older than Platt but I found his performance fine. My only real problem is that I found the pacing of the last quarter of the film to drag and that perhaps the ostracizing of Hansen following his confession is not made strong enough for his final redemption. That may have worked fine on stage but I felt it needed to be made more dramatic for the movie. Overall though I liked the film and feel it should have enjoyed more success than it has received.

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