MTC Screw up
Posted by: rikepsych 11:33 pm EDT 10/07/21

So I had a subscriber ticket for tonight’s 7pm performance of Lackawanna Blues. I got there at 6:30. I went to the box office and they printed my ticket. I went to the back of the very long line to get in. The doors never opened, and a woman with a megaphone came out and told the people on line that due to a back injury the performance was cancelled. I felt bad for Ruben Santiago Hudson and went home. I now see that tonight was a newly scheduled opening night which was rescheduled back in September. MTC never informed the original audience, and we all waited on line til at least 6:50 and were given false information. I am curious to see if they are going to compensate us for our inconvenience. I rushed in from Queens and would have appreciated being notified ahead of time and have been able to reschedule . I understand that staffing changes can cause havoc in these times, but honesty is usually the best policy. I’d have preferred if they just said they messed up.

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