re: MTC Screw up
Posted by: rikepsych 12:39 am EDT 10/08/21
In reply to: re: MTC Screw up - Kjisgroovy 12:27 am EDT 10/08/21

I meant no offense if that’s the case then fine.
I have had experiences when I have been notified that an opening night was changed and I was asked to changed tickets I had bought for that night. It happens. Also this was not mentioned in any reviews. Thus my assumption.
It’s a short show . They could have put it on at 8
Or 6 if it’s an opening night . It was just an odd experience for all who were there. I look forward to seeing it and congratulations to all on the reviews.

I also assume you are a friend of the production or an Afilliate with MTC and know this as a fact and I respect that and stand corrected.

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