re: MTC Screw up
Posted by: sirpupnyc 01:14 am EDT 10/08/21
In reply to: re: MTC Screw up - rikepsych 12:23 am EDT 10/08/21

Nobody whose review was published tonight saw the show tonight, and not just because there was no performance tonight. The idea that the show went on yet a different audience was kept waiting and then sent away is awfully out there.

It seems reasonable to think that everybody inside the theatre really really wanted to have a performance tonight, and the delayed opening of the house and last-minute cancellation were because they were hoping they could possibly go on. Whether they were trying to talk RSH out of going on or into it, or just having a quick walk through the show to see if it could happen, who knows. It's not as if they could send on an understudy, if there's even one prepared.

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