re: Do you wanna build a straw man?
Posted by: Zelgo 11:55 am EDT 10/08/21
In reply to: Do you wanna build a straw man? - MockingbirdGirl 09:19 am EDT 10/08/21

Not a straw man at all--but a very apt criticism.

Are Jewish actors being systematically passed over like Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and LGBT are?

Are they not getting any roles because they are Jewish?

Should James Caan and Sarah Paulson, both Jewish actors who have made careers playing non-Jews, have given up their roles to actors who were more ethnically appropriate?

Again, if directors must cast an actor who is the exact ethnic and sexual match of the character, considering most characters are white and straight, how will this play out?

Let actors be actors. Certainly, there are specific ethnic and sexual groups who historically have not been chosen for roles because of who they are. They have even been passed over ethnically appropriate roles.

Jewish actors do not suffer this same discrimination.

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