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I remember reading years ago, I think it might have been Richard Rodgers saying something to the effect that "Jewish folks are writing musicals to be seen by an audience made up of a lot of Jewish people but it can't be cast with Jewish people". Very weird. I don't know if that was something around WWII, though "Oklahoma!" did feature Yiddish theater notable Joseph Buloff as Ali Hakim and Howard Da Silva as Jud. Perhaps Rodgers (or whoever said this) meant as leading men/women? Ethel Merman went out of her way to make sure that people knew that she was born Ethel Zimmermann with two "n"s which is usually German, as opposed to one "n" which is traditionally Jewish (maybe German Jewish). She even (in)famously brought a ham sandwich to a Passover seder hosted by Jule Styne! Vivienne Segal, who was Jewish, had already been a stage star (before WWII with all its antisemitism being brought to the fore), but most other Jewish stage stars were comedians or character people. Lillian Roth was like an earlier day Streisand actually, though her career was sidelined by her alcoholism; interesting, that she would star in "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" with Streisand as breakout supporting player. Catch Roth as a young lady in the wonderful 1929 "The Love Parade" playing the secondary couple opposite original "Me and My Girl" star Lupino Lane -- she had a big voice, big, engaging personality and she was both funny and very cute and sexy.

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