Are Mezz Sides Bad at the Winter Garden
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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:44 am EDT 10/11/21
In reply to: Music Man - Special Ticket Offer: Premium Seats at Non-Premium Prices - jo 07:52 pm EDT 10/10/21

Considering how expensive tickets are, they're selling the extreme sides of the mezz for the relative bargain of $99 + fees. I've never been in the Winter Garden (after 30+ years of going to Broadway, I think it is the only Broadway house that I've never been in)... are those terrible seats? Looking at the seating chart, that mezz is awfully wide, and some of the pics from View from My Seat look like the side mezz are practically box seats. Anyone got thoughts on sitting on those extreme sides?

I'm torn on this one. I pretty much hate everything about the show... but my God, Hugh Jackman tap dancing, that's worth abandoning your values for two hours.

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