Dick Van Dyke sounded like terrific casting when I went to see him as Harold Hill,
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and he was very disappointing, with a real lack of energy. At least prices were reasonable at that time. Regardless of how Jackman and Foster are in performance, audiences will be giving standing ovations to justify their investment in this, which is practically the cost of half a plane ticket to Australia! I've seen a few productions of "Music Man" over the years, including one at Jones Beach with someone from a soap as Harold Hill (not too memorable), and the last Broadway revival with Eric McCormack (who was good generally though nowhere as crackerjack sparkle as required for "Trouble" and "76 Trombones"); all had excellent Marians -- a part very well-written for a good Broadway soprano. The prices being asked for this latest revival aren't too much short of being for asked for if one knew the Messiah (of whatever one's faith) was coming, no disrespect intended. I wouldn't be surprised if they were asking something on the order of $100 for standing room to be in their presence. Mostly likely, I'll stick to Robert Preston on DVD or streaming and the OCR. I've seen many of the greats, and producers didn't have the temerity to be so greedy in what they charged. That's ok, I don't have to see every show. It's just sad that regular theatregoers are being conned out of seeing a classic musical. Let's call this the "bitcoin production" of it, and hope that prices of cybercurrencies hold steady for their sake, since many of those investors seem to be the ones this is being pitched to.

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