re: How many stars were made from revivals?
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Cynthia Erivo in The Color Purple comes to mind. It's an interesting comparison since TCP is not a good musical in and of itself (as Funny Girl is said not to be--I've never seen the book to FG performed on stage so I can't say from first hand experience). Erivo and Doyle elevated TCP into something more and it's a testament to them that Erivo came out of it a star because it also doesn't have great songs---although her big number packs a wallop. Whereas FG does have great songs.

Of course the major difference here, to me, is that Erivo has an exceptional and extraordinary voice, in addition to being a fine actor. There is nothing I have heard or seen so far, that is available to the general public, that indicates that Beanie Feldstein has that kind of voice. I would say that people did know going into the original FG that Streisand has a special instrument. And wasn't she stopping ....Wholesale with her number prior to that? I thought Feldstein was wonderful and hilarious in Hello Dolly, and I also cannot remember if that character has a song, or if she sang any solo sections, and if she did cannot remember one thing about how her singing voice sounded. Which is fine. She's very talented. But is it fine for Fanny?

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