re: Will Funny Girl be a hit or flop?
Posted by: den 04:53 pm EDT 10/11/21
In reply to: Will Funny Girl be a hit or flop? - jeffef 11:04 am EDT 10/11/21

I, for one, am optimistic about this production and looking forward to it. Whatever the faults of the book -- and I'm not sure what, exactly, they are, I just know everybody talks about them -- the score is pretty amazing, one of Styne's best and that's saying something. I find myself listening to the CD (yes, you read that right, CD) more often than I listen to other show scores and it's not just because of Streisand's singing. As for Beanie -- well, I find myself charmed by her. I had to flip through my playbill at intermission when I saw Hello, Dolly to find out who this odd, exotic creature playing Minnie Fay was. Loved her in Booksmart. Was completely won over by her rendition of "Dancing Through Life" on some streaming benefit or other. (I think it's on YouTube.) Can she sing like Streisand? Of course not. But then, neither could Fanny Brice. So what? I think she has the personality and charisma -- and the talent -- to play the role. My only concern is that it's a LOT of singing every night. I can think of no other musical, in fact (though I'm sure I'll be corrected) that requires its lead to carry ten songs (I'm including the two Ziegfeld numbers and "You Are Woman" here; the others are solos.) That is one heavy load! But I wish her and the production well.

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