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Posted by: Chromolume 10:04 pm EDT 10/12/21
In reply to: re: Cast Recordings - ryhog 08:34 pm EDT 10/12/21

I have heard more and more industry people use the word "soundtrack" in recent years. And I think they all know that "cast recording" is the most "proper" term - but they don't seem to care so much anymore.

When one of my students uses "soundtrack," say, in an email to me, I will tend to respond by referring to it myself as a "cast recording," but I also don't specifically correct them or say they can't use "soundtrack." We're just going to have to accept the more contemporary usage. It's like "begging the question," which doesn't mean what most people think it does when they use it - but when they use it that way, we know what is meant, and it's become rather silly to argue about it.

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