Streaming Now! A free Reading of a new play: TRACY JONES, Oct 13-16
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Currently Streaming Free for a Limited Time!
Wayward Creatives Entertainment, Longthorne Entertainment and
The Bechdel Group presents
a virtual reading of a new play by Stephen Kaplan
to benefit The Bechdel Group

October 13th - 16th, 2021
on The Bechdel Group
YouTube Channel

TRACY JONES tells the story of a lonely woman who has rented out the back "party room" of Jones Street Bar and Grill: The Place for Wings and Things, to throw a party to which she's invited every woman in the world who is also named Tracy Jones. She has been sitting for over an hour alone, nursing her Diet Coke, waiting for any other Tracy Joneses to show up. Tracy Jones' epic loneliness is about to be tested beyond anything she ever imagined. It is funny and poignant as we witness Tracy just trying to be somehow less of a stranger in the world she inhabits as she seeks human connection, validation, and hope.

Directed by: Ilana Ransom Toeplitz

Vasthy Mompoint: The Prom, SpongeBob SquarePants
Brad Oscar: Something Rotten!, The Producers (Tony Nominations), Mrs. Doubtfire
Grace Capeless: Lion King, Matilda, and Beaches
Sarah Dacey Charles: Les Miserables, 9 to 5 - The Musical, and Sunset Boulevard

Stephen Kaplan is an accomplished, award-winning playwright known for his ferociously comic depictions of sometimes eccentric characters, whose foibles often reveal painfully accurate universal human truths.

TRACY JONES is a current finalist for B Street Theatre's New Comedies Festival and has won Chameleon Theatre Circle's New Play Contest as well as the Southeast Texas Festival of New Plays, was a finalist for ScreenCraft's Stage Play Contest and Trustus Theatre Playwrights' Festival, and a semi-finalist for the Bay Area Playwright's Festival and Normal Ave Productions' NAPSeries. It's scheduled for joint world premieres with Williamston Theatre and Tipping Point Theatre (Michigan) and CenterStage (Rochester) and and Island City Stage (Florida).

The Bechdel Group is a non-profit theater company whose mission is to foster writers writing for women by producing free readings, events, and performances that feature dynamic female roles. Their criteria for selection of works they incubate is based on The Bechdel Test, inspired by graphic novelist/cartoonist Alison Bechdel. The Bechdel Test states that, in order to pass, a movie or play must contain:

At least two women characters (with names)
Who speak to each other about something other than their romantic relationships.

Viewing the reading is free, but we encourage and appreciate any donations to support the mission of The Bechdel Group which are fully tax-deductible.
Link YouTube Channel

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