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New Perspectives Theatre Company presents the next reading in our
ON HER SHOULDERS program, introducing women playwrights from the
past to contemporary audiences


Translated by Harley Erdman

Directed by Lynn Marie Macy; Dramaturgy by Melody Brooks

Saturday, October 23 to Wednesday, October 27, 2021

(NY, NY) On Her Shoulders is pleased to present a virtual reading of El Conde Partinuplés (c. 1640) by Ana Caro, translated by Hardley Eardman, and directed by Lynn Marie Macy, via NPTC's YouTube Channel: NewPerspectivesTC. Melody Brooks provides dramaturgy via The Play in Context, which situates the script in its historical time and place. The broadcast begins at 2:00pm on Saturday, October 23rd and will be available through midnight on October 27th, 2021. Admission is by Donation . Register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/182910027817.

ANA MARÍA CARO DE MALLÉN was born between 1590 and 1600 and is one of the first professional women writers in Europe as records exist of payments to her for specific pieces. Her birth year is unknown as she was a morisco slave (child of parents who had been forcibly converted to Christianity from Islam)and was likely 9 or 10 when she was adopted by Gabriel Caro de Mallén and his wife Ana María de Torres. Her adoptive family was a prominent one; they were hereditary Councilors to the Court and thus were able to give Caro a first class education and an elite lifestyle, regardless of her beginnings. With few exceptions, de Mallén published only under the name Ana Caro; her first book of poetry and some "relaciones" (commentaries on major public events considered to be a precursor to journalism ) were published from Seville in 1628. She later moved to Madrid and established her reputation as a writer of note. Many of her male counterparts, including Juan de Matos Fragoso and Luis Vélez de Guevara, praised her works. Caro was also a close friend of novelist Maria de Zaya. El conde partinuplés (Count Partinapulés) and Valor, agravio y mujer (The Courage to Right a Woman's Wrongs) are the only two full-length plays by Caro that are still known today. She died of the plague in November 1646 and was buried in Seville.

COUNT PARTINAPULÉS was written sometime around 1640; it was first printed in 1653 after Caro's death. The script uses an "invisible-mistress" plot as a parody (and subversion) of certain elements of the typical "wife-murder" drama popular at the time. The script is part of the Spanish comedia tradition - one of the defining features of Spain's legendary Golden Age of literature - which grew out of the more improvisational Commedia dell'Arte but these were more artistically rigorous works. The play is further classified as a comedia de apariencias or a "play of appearances", a genre calling for magical happenings and special effects.

HARLEY ERDMAN(Translator) is a dramaturg, playwright, and scholar whose work focuses on adaptation and translation. He is the author of five books and translations, including Women Playwrights of Early Modern Spain (ITER, 2016) which won the Josephine Roberts Award for best scholarly edition in the field of early modern women and gender. He is a winner of the Association for Hispanic Classic Theater's Translation Prize, and has also been a Fulbright Fellow. He is the author of three opera librettos and numerous plays, including The Scarlet Professor, which won the 2017 American Prize in opera for composer Eric Sawyer. Erdman is chair of the Department of Theater at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. http://www.harleyerdman.com/

LYNN MARIE MACY (Director) is a playwright and actor in addition to her work as a director. Her most recent directing projects are a staged reading of her new script Doubt & Deliberation at Theatre For The New City and Zoom readings of Shaw's Overruled for Theater 2020; Gabriel by George Sand (also script translation and adaptation) and The Necessity of Divorce by Olympe de Gouges for NPTC's On Her Shoulders program; and Uncle John and The Men's Room by Maxine Kern for Cosmic Orchid. She also directed her own script: Northanger Abbey, A Romantic Gothic Comedy for Theater 2020. Ms. Macy previously directed staged readings of Sappho by Estelle Anna Lewis, Dulcitus by Hrosvita and Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen for On Her Shoulders. Other directing credits include Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends All for Theater Ten Ten, As You Like It for Minnesota Shakespeare Company, and her own scripts The Thrice Three Muses and Innocent Diversions, A Christmas Entertainment with Jane Austen & Friends for Distilled Spirits Theatre and Theater Ten Ten.

MELODY BROOKS (Dramaturg) is an award-winning producer/director, founder and Artistic Director of NPTC. Brooks leads NPTC's Women's Work Project, which develops short and full-length plays by 12-16 members per year, and produces ON HER SHOULDERS, serving as a regular Director/Dramaturg for the program. She has developed and directed numerous award-winning and acclaimed original and classic plays for NPTC and other companies. Brooks was honored in 2018 as a Trailblazing Woman of Theatre for Artistry & Vision by RhythmColor Associates, received the "Spirit of Hope Award" in 2015 from Speranza Theatre Company for her support of women theatre artists for more than 25 years, and was named a "Person of the Year" by NYTheatre.com as a co-founder of 50/50 in 2020: Parity for Women Theatre Artists. She is a board member of the League of Professional Theatre Women.

ON HER SHOULDERS was founded in May 2013 to present rehearsed, staged readings of plays by women from across the spectrum of time, with contemporary dramaturgs contextualizing them for modern audiences. The program was incorporated into NPTC's Women's Work Project in August 2013 and continues to strive to make it impossible for producers and theatre companies to deny or ignore the 1,000-year history and value of women's contribution to the theatrical canon. To date the program has presented 60 plays by 47 writers from the years ca. 955 to 1970.

NEW PERSPECTIVES THEATRE COMPANY (NPTC) is an award-winning, multi-racial company performing for the last 30 years in Midtown Manhattan, communities throughout NYC, and as of 2015, internationally. The Company's mission is to: develop and produce new plays and playwrights, especially women and people of color; presenting classic plays in a style that addresses contemporary issues and restoring female theatre practitioners to the Canon; and extend the benefits of theatre to young people and communities in need. Our aim is not to exclude, but to cast a wider net. www.nptnyc.org

The Play in Context, the dramaturgical and scholarly presentation component to the program, is sponsored in part by the League of Professional Theatre Women, a non-profit organization promoting visibility and increasing opportunities for women in theatre since 1982. www.theatrewomen.org

This program is made possible, in part, with public funds from the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.
Link http://www.nptnyc.org

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