Actors who've re-created a film role and brought it to Broadway in a musical
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Who's catching Billy Crystal in ''Mr. Saturday Night,'' a new musical-comedy based on his 1992 movie, later this month at Barrington Stage?

It's got a score by Jason Robert Brown and Amanda Green and direction by John Rando, and I imagine it's aimed at Broadway.

If it gets there in 2022, it'll be 30 years since Crystal and his film & stage co-star, David Paymer, played those parts. Would that be a record?

Which actors have played a non-musical role on-screen and then re-created it for the musical version on Broadway?

Lainie Kazan played Belle, the Jewish mom, in the film of 'My Favorite Year'' (1982) and reprised it in the new Flaherty-Ahrens musical (1992).

Anthony Quinn and Lila Kedrova starred in the film of ''Zorba the Greek'' (1964), as well as the Kander & Ebb musical revival (1984).

(Actors like Yul Brynner, Rex Harrison, Joel Grey, etc., won a Tony for a signature role and then won an Oscar for re-creating that iconic performance. But Kedrova is the only one who comes to mind that won the Oscar first, and then later won a Tony for same character. ... Any others?)
Link Barrington Stage Co.: 'Mr. Saturday Night,' starring Billy Crystal (Oct. 22-30)

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