Asking you to check your crystal ball
Posted by: LoisP 04:52 pm EDT 10/13/21

Hello fellow chatters! Every year I check with my favorite group of theatre experts (okay, my only group, but I'm confident you'd be my favorite if I had another) before I finalize plans for my annual trip to NYC. I invariably fill my final slot and then something amazing goes on sale, so I'm going to try to save myself from myself yet again.

Between a quick weekend in NYC next month and what is already scheduled for my 2022 Memorial Day Weekend trip, I have tickets to Moulin Rouge, Clyde's, Chicken and Biscuits, Take Me Out, Tina, Funny Girl, and American Buffalo. As you can see, I'm willing to see a variety of shows, both plays and musicals. Admittedly, my choices are usually driven by cast, but sometimes I get caught up in buzz (or, in the case of Tina, I make others happy, but it's usually my choice).

So, one slot left in May. I'm not sure there's anything on sale yet that I feel compelled to see. (I was toying with Birthday Candles, but don't think that's the answer.) Of all the tickets I had pre-pandemic, I've either rebooked, decided not to see, or unfortunately don't have a choice (Ah, Laurie, Russell, and Rupert, you'd have been divine.)

So, what's on the radar that I should patiently await? I keep an eye on playbill.com and telecharge.com and don't see anything obvious, so...ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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