Yes. re: Anyone here see the 2020 Paris production w/Christina Bianco? (nm)
Posted by: Guillaume 01:47 am EDT 10/14/21
In reply to: Anyone here see the 2020 Paris production w/Christina Bianco? (nm) - GrumpyMorningBoy 09:41 pm EDT 10/12/21

I saw the Paris production in 2019, not expecting much in the way of star fireworks, but I wanted to see how the show played on stage. It was surprisingly well designed set and lighting wise. The orchestra sounded fantastic, and the production numbers were tightly executed and inventive enough to satisfy expectations. The show just wasn't funny though - even though you could tell Bianco thought herself a riot. Bianco seems to be an actress from the Joyce DeWitt school of acting. But she is a terrific singer with a great set of pipes and she sang the dickens out of her numbers, and I understand she does a mean cabaret show. But there was a tincture of immense self-approval over everything she did that grew tiresome fast. There was no desperation where we see that Fanny uses schtick and humor to deflect things that are going to reveal her insecurities. Bianco's Fanny showed no insecurities whatsover so all the conflict in the show was weak tea. Plus let's face it, she is gorgeous, so none of the ugly duckling cracks - or the premise of the show - made sense. Also, Bianco had some of the worst costumes I have ever seen on a leading actress. Holy cow, they were poorly fitted, poorly designed, in egregious choice of color and fabrics. They made her look like a little girl playing dress up in grandma's closet. Every time she came out in a costume change I had to wonder if she had any gay friends to be honest with her. The actor playing Nicky was bland and stiff and every time there was the hint of a love scene he got a look on his face as if he was next to be called to the dentist's chair. I could never imagine these two people procreating. On the other hand, the guy playing Eddie - Matthew Jeans (I just had to go google him for the name) gave one of the most casually charismatic performances I have ever seen -- he pretty much walked away with every scene he was in, you could not take your eyes off him, especially when he was singing and dancing, he was like a new Gene Kelly, and his deep love for Fanny came through even when he was just sitting there focusing on her while she was singing. Why the hell Fanny would give that prize up for the stick in the mud with novocaine I'll never know. It was a servicable production that proves this show really really really needs a high wattage leading lady of uncommon talent and depth to make it work.

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