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The gifted writer Theresa Rebeck's point cannot be denied nor overvalued. I am going to digress now. But here is a sort-of-related question that I have raised for many years to many people knowledgeable in theatre, film, TV, and literature. Here is my question "Can you think of even one single play, film, TV show, or piece of literature in which the major or minor characters are a straight woman and a straight man which doesn't lead to a romantic/sexual relationship?" You are welcome to substitute "gay" for straight in the question. NO ONE has yet. And this, predictably I guess, is a reflection of real life. To many friends I have asked even more directly "If your husband (partner) doesn't care to attend a performance would you ask a married man whose wife (partner) and he are both friends of you and your husband (partner) to go with you because you know he would love it more than his wife (partner)?" To paraphrase the answer, it has been 100% "No because of what other people might think." This observation is also true in the gay world, at least among my large circle of friends.

Back to my original question, can any of you readers tell me of such a piece? It just seems like an overlooked opportunity for friendships in our world. To me at least. Do we really think that sexual desires rule 100% over potential friendships? I guess so.

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