I must be missing the point on this one.
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Aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with Rebeck's piece...

Are you really saying that
A) 100% of the people you know say they have never and would never go to a show with someone of the opposite sex outside of their marriage (or partnership, and with someone else who they could perceive as being attracted to, etc.) "because of what other people might think"?!? This is a real head-scratcher. I could name offhand probably 50 or 60 friends, family members and other people I know who, for a variety of reasons, go to the theater (or movies, concerts, opera, etc.) all the time with people other than their spouse or partner – I myself have done so on dozens of occasions. – without ever giving a thought to "what other people may think" (at least certainly not in terms of "If I'm seen in public with this person will someone think I'm having an affair?" Maybe you mean something else, but I can't think what that would be.) So if that's really what you're saying, and what you're implying, my gut reaction to that is that the people who you're talking to either all have jealous or possessive spouses (partners) who'd prefer they don't do that, or that they have guilty consciences and/or don't necessarily trust themselves with what might be perceived as a 'date'. (Because otherwise, why would anyone worry 'what other people might think'? People go to the theater all the time in pairs, obviously, and I certainly don't assume every couple being shown to their seats by an usher is automatically sleeping together.)

B) Similarly, are you really asking "Can you think of one example of story where the leads are a straight man and straight woman that doesn't lead to a sexual relationship? And that 100% of the people you're asking have said "absolutely not"? You're asking the wrong people. Sorry to say that again, but I can think of literally hundreds. (Not in, say, the romantic comedy genre, perhaps, which is maybe all you mean... but in things set in the workplace, or in families with pre-existing relationships and marriages, or obviously in stories where the focus isn't sex or love, of which there are certainly plenty).

I realize there are still a lot of people out there who ascribe to the old "When Harry Met Sally" axiom about how it literally isn't possible for men and women to be friends. But I don't know where those people are coming from, since that certainly hasn't been the case in my life, or in the lives of most people I know, and it 100% hasn't been the case in the storytelling I've seen, of which there is just as much being written about friendships, and platonic friendships, as there is about sexual desire. So (to me at least), either in real life or on the stage, I don't think that friendship is being overlooked. And I'd respectfully submit that anyone who thinks so either isn't seeing enough or isn't looking enough.

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