God of carnage
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It doesn’t lead to a sexual relationship. They are two married couples. I assume the movie released today Mass is similar in subject matter.

Jodie foster in The accused unless you consider rape a relationship in your category. Silence of the lambs also.

For broadway musicals, I don’t think 70 girls 70 has a romantic relationship—probably why it fails. The life has a failed pimp/worker relationship, but the same year was titanic which I don’t recall any major characters hooking up like in the movie. The frogs is men so that doesn’t count.

Love and sex kind of go together in movies and shows. And it is a lynchpin in most shows to grab the audiences heart for a character. It is more difficult to get that empathy without the sexual relationship, but it has been done.

Congrats on having lots of gay friends. I find that hard to build that circle when people keep moving away. I have lots of distant friends. But loneliness and isolation in senior community (which I’m getting close to that age) is common.

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