It would be very easy in practice
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Yes, a non-gendered space would be one that people could use without any consideration of their gender. It would not change the fact that people share dressing rooms, but it would mean that those dressings rooms weren't dictated by one's biological, assigned, or transitioned, binary gender. Most likely, it would just mean taking an existing dressing room that had been declared "Male" or "Female" and making it "Anyone who desires this space". In spaces where there are literally only *two* dressing rooms, this might ask for creative thinking, but in a large theater like The Pantages or a Broadway house, this is a no-brainer. It's not like the cast of "Hamilton" is only using *two* dressing rooms. Indeed, Rory O'Malley was being a very good ally by offering to swap his personal, private, one-person dressing room for, I'd guess, a spot in a communal, male-assigned dressing room.

It would take a little extra work to implement in a way that was inclusive and equitable, but it should be work worth doing in order to provide a safe, respectful place for company members to perform their jobs.

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