Fall for Dance Festival
Posted by: stan 04:06 pm EDT 10/14/21

I was a little disappointed -- but it's always a crap shot. Opening night and a special highlight that encouraged me to risk my aged health. The first act was by a tumbling group called Streb Extreme Action -- something you might see on America's Got Talent -- a too long novelty circus act with a trampoline, a curious number with the acrobats feet "nailed" to a beam which allowed them to spiral in a series of death falls, and so on. not my cup. then Kyle Abraham's company had a series of scenes about the emotional experience of being a marginalized black person -- one danced by Gianna Theodore was outstanding -- it was all good. Finally The Verdon Fosse Legacy presentation "Sweet Gwen Suite" led by NYC Ballet's Georgina Pazcoguin. 3 short dances. Total 10 minutes. I had the good fortune of seeing Gwen Verdon several times on stage. Always amazing. The dancers' costumes were black Mexicani bolero pants outfits -- made me think of that holiday dealing with dead spirits -- Ms Verdon was (in my memory) always in some outfit that showed her gorgeous legs. Not this time. The dances had no spark, no sparkle, no pizzazz. No flirty attachment between the female dancer and her two male attendants. A lot of finger snapping. It was more dance school than dance magic.

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