The prompt wasn't "name a show that doesn't have a romantic storyline", but the prompt does suggest how hard it is for some folks not to see women purely in romantic or sexual terms
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 05:14 pm EDT 10/14/21
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So what if people kiss at the end? The prompt was "Can you think of even one single play, film, TV show*, or piece of literature in which the major or minor characters are a straight woman and a straight man which doesn't lead to a romantic/sexual relationship?" Grammatically, the implication is that the characters named would be in a romantic/sexual relationship, not that the larger story they are in has a romantic narrative. (*excluding sitcoms, which was added once people offered loads of sitcom examples, which feels like narrowing the question in order to arrive at the pre-identified conclusion.)

If the real question before us if "Can a play not have a romantic plot or subplot", we're having a different conversation. It's a worthwhile one, but in this case, for this conversation, when presented with evidence of misogyny in our theater, someone asked a variation of the old 1980s "When Harry Met Sally" question of "can men and women be friends?" and offered the answer in advance of "No one I have asked this question has said Yes, so it must be No".

I don't know why the question of misogyny inherently led us to questioning whether men and women can be non-romantic friends and whether that's ever been written about, but I have a hunch it might be related to the notion that to even discuss women playwrights is to confront the patriarchal notion that women only exist as mothers, wives, and sex objects (and yes, I know we aren't talking mothers in this thread, everyone can hold on to that digression). And unfortunately, this board seems fundamentally incapable of talking about misogyny in our culture.

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