re: That site is inaccurate.
Posted by: Chazwaza 08:35 pm EDT 10/14/21
In reply to: That site is inaccurate. - KingSpeed 12:34 pm EDT 10/14/21

I love your life... but if you think $7000 a week is "hardly anything", and you think you need $25,000 an episode just to "live comfortably" in Manhattan then we are experiencing different worlds.

I don't mean "rich" like millions of dollars a year rich. Since when does "rich" mean super rich? If you consistently make $7000 a week for years, you are rich (aka very wealthy, aka well beyond comfortable) in most people's books. I'm not saying it's EASY to find housing you love in an area you prefer without spending too much, but it is definitely possible.

Anyway, SNL is by no means her only source of income.

Whether I used the word "rich" too liberally, she is not struggling financially. And she works regularly, and her career and cache have only grown and grown over the last few years.

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