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For broadway musicals, I don’t think 70 girls 70 has a romantic relationship—probably why it fails. The life has a failed pimp/worker relationship, but the same year was titanic which I don’t recall any major characters hooking up like in the movie. The frogs is men so that doesn’t count.

In Titanic, there's the budding relationship of Kate and Jim, and Barrett's telegraphed marriage proposal that of course never gets consummated. Also, of course, Mr/Mrs Strauss renew their wedding vows in the face of death. It also seems that Charles and Caroline's relationship is on course. Alice and Edgar are the other couple, but they mostly fight. (But for me, one of the most moving portions of the ending is where the widows on the Carpathia mourn the loss of their men - "and among them was my husband / and my husband / and my husband...")

Shows I think we can count:

Peter Pan. Even though Wendy wants to be in love with Peter. (And I don't think we can really count Mr/Mrs Darling either - there's not much of a sense of romance about them, even if we feel there had to have been some time ago.)

Big River - not counting the fleeting interest between Huck and Mary Jane.

Godspell. (NOT Jesus Christ Superstar, as we do sense that something is going on between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.)

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