Reid has other issues with Broadway
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Suni Reid is posting things like the video below dating from June 2021.

Now Suni Reid was an ensemble member in "Hamilton" which requires extensive dancing. From this video and other photos posted on social media, it looks like Reid has gained weight during the COVID-19 lockdown.
This subject of Broadway performers gaining weight and weight requirements has stirred up firestorms on social media. A internet image search shows Suni Reid at various sizes - but when costumed for "Hamilton" they were not a small person but not as large as recent photos would indicate. I don't know what principal roles Suni Reid was understudying in "Hamilton" but they may be problematic visually for a heavy set, overweight performer. The dancing also would be impacted by Reid not maintaining his weight, physical conditioning and training. Erik Cavanaugh is a plus size male dancer who spends a lot of time in the studio to do his impressive turns and jumps and high kicks. I don't know about Reid.

If the "Hamilton" producers were reluctant to put Suni Reid onstage with the rest of the company despite having a contract then their current weight may be a crucial factor, not just their non-binary status.

Like "beauty standards", weight standards and physical fitness standards may also be a rallying cry for Suni.

Sorry to stir up a potential sh*tstorm...

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)
Link Saying no to Broadway's Beauty Standards

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