re: I seriously doubt any accomodation would have made Suni happy,
Posted by: Guillaume 12:48 pm EDT 10/15/21
In reply to: re: We can create communal spaces that aren't enforcing gender binaries - dbdbdb 05:43 pm EDT 10/14/21

Even while agreeing that reasonable accommodations can be made for gender as we do in my corporate office with no problem, after reading the complaint filed with the court I got the strong impression Suni is one of those people who ALWAYS finds something to bitch about and it is always all about HER self-centered needs not being put on a pedestal and no matter what the Hamilton management would have done, it would never have been enough, she would have found something else to be outraged about. I mean seriously, the actor was contracted to play a role, as directed. It was as she puts it, a "masculine presenting" character she was hired to play, but suddenly she is the victim when some in the cast and production point out that this actor's performance has changed to no longer being portrayed in the "masculine presenting" it was directed to be. She wanted Suni in all her bounty and glory to be seen rather than the character. That's wrong for any Broadway production once a performance is set. Another example she includes is she wanted to wear colored nail polish in the role because other ladies playing feminine presenting roles were allowed to do so. She was told not to wear colored nail polish because the design did not call for that; and she takes affront. She wanted staging changed because after she had a rift with another performer she felt contiuing to do the blocking as staged made her personally feel as if she was being subject to the aggression of others. It's worth reading that complaint if you haven't, the longer it goes on in dramatic prose, the more I was led to believe the Hamilton team did the best they could with a sour employee who was not living up the terms of their work contract and they thought they better cash in.

Not renewing the contract for a performer who will not play the role as directed happens every so often, and it has nothing to do with gender choice.

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