Less Performance on Broadway petition
Posted by: jaymac 12:50 pm EDT 10/15/21

I do not work on Broadway, for the record.
Before Broadway reopened, everyone was saying I will never take this job for granted anymore and complain about tech, etc.
I believe each job has its own merits and perils.

Broadway and the theater is hard work with not so much pay compared to TV or film.
However, this new petition going on seems like complaining too much. IMO. Having said that, is it economically feasible to cut performances to 5 days a week.
That means 7 shows a week instead of 8.

I know alternates are being discussed as well but how does this work? Should there be a set A and set B cast for every performance including ensemble?
How will the Tonys and awards be determined? two sets are qualified?

I would tend to support easing the 10s out of 12s but probably not the 5 days a week.
I know there's a lot of work and time involved opening a show, but compared to ordinary folks. Don't most of these people work at most 3 hours a day when the show is running? of course not including rehearsals, put ins, press, etc.


Discuss. Everytime there's an issue, everything gets blown up. No hatred please. Just thoughts here. I know actors and crews are not robots but it's the chosen profession of people in the theater, and they know what they're getting into.

Should doctors start complaining about long hours of surgery? etc. no one will ever be pleased 100%. This is a domino effect that will never stop.
Link https://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/opinion-alternates-on-broadway_92880.html

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