I’ve always felt 6 day work week is a lot
Posted by: dramedy 01:10 pm EDT 10/15/21
In reply to: Less Performance on Broadway petition - jaymac 12:50 pm EDT 10/15/21

I think it was common in business world in ny before the 50s to go in Saturday morning. So I wonder if the 1 day off a week is a hold over from that world. I think a lot of shows could drop to 7 performances and still make the same amount because most are not running at 100% capacity and many are under 90%. The hit shows clearly would take a hit by losing a performance.

I think Chicago has done 5 day weeks at some point. It can make a grueling weekend with 5 performances on f-s and then 2 on wed and 1 on Thursday.

I’m not an actor, but I think it is more than 3 hours of work and is a life style change to rest the throat off hours and not go shopping all day and show up at the theater at 7 for 8pm show.

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