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You'll start hearing counter-arguments about salaries being 6/8th or 7/8ths of what they are with the decrease in performances. There are fixed expenses such as renting the theater, plus hiring alternates which might increase running costs of a show if there's a guarantee and requirement (with the union and agents, etc.) that people play certain performances.

Funny, but I had moved away from doing opera partly because I got had gotten tired of sometimes the most of doing 3 performances a week. I liked theater and musicals also because, when you work, you get to do it 8x a week! Most performers love to perform. Granted, some roles like Evita and Cunegonde have reasons for having matinee people to do the roles.

People doing shows really work more than meets the eye. Singers (usually) warm up at home, maybe later at the theater (to see how things are sounding and feeling after perhaps eating something later on) and might take voice lessons and/or coachings during the week. Dancers many times still take class, most likely get to the theatre early (and also might at home) stretch, warm up their bodies, and practice difficult moves in the choreography. Actors and singers especially might save their voices many times (not talk too much during the day) and watch what they eat so it won't affect their high notes (some will avoid dairy, for instance). People will keep their bodies (their other main instrument) in shape by exercising. Their mind all day to some extent is getting ready for the matinee and/or that evening's performance. There may be put-in rehearsals for a new addition to the cast. You might be auditioning for other shows cause you never know how long this one is going to run. You might run over the score or your script if you messed up a few lines the day before for some reason. It's really more of a commitment than the say, 3 hours you are at the theater.

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