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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:02 pm EDT 10/15/21
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"Don't most of these people work at most 3 hours a day when the show is running? of course not including rehearsals, put ins, press, etc."

You just answered your own question. Most of these people don't work only three hours a day, because their Broadway job requires these additional hours. Plus they are doing the work to be in shape and to have the physical wherewithal to perform those 3 - 6 hours per day (don't forget matinees) at what is often a peak athletic level. Plus they are almost certainly continuing to audition, be in workshops, be in readings, and do other gigs on the side because that job where they "only work three hours a day" has an expiration date, and they might only get a plum Broadway job once every few years... if that.

When they are on stage, they are likely pushing themselves physically, vocally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The work involved to be laser-focused for those three hours, to go through emotional highs and lows, to sing your face off, to dance your ass off, and to do it without injuring yourself is intense. It is exhausting, It is real work.

There is this myth from people who work normal jobs that, "oh, the performer's life is so easy, they just chill all day and then roll in and do a few songs and then they're done, what a treat!" and it is used to argue that performers should not be paid well, or should not be given proper workplace safety consideration, or should not be given the same weekend that people who work office jobs ("oh, the office job is so easy, you just roll in and check your Facebook and send e-mails all day and get paid lots of money, what a dream!") are routinely given.

When performers and theater workers do talk about this, they're accused of "moaning", rather than given respect. And god forbid that someone not be able to make every performance that you paid premium prices to see - when that happens, they get slagged off on the internet for years, even when their absences are related to health issues that in many cases are exacerbated by the show they are in. We want theater workers to give us all the feels, and all the joy, and all the technique, and we don't even want to give them a weekend.

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