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Posted by: NewtonUK 02:19 pm EDT 10/15/21
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I think perhaps the biggest different today, when performers (almost exclusively in musicals) call out of shows over and over, is that dancing and singing being done is not what bodies and vocal chords were intended to do. Back in the days of the golden age, musicals were written carefully - and you could do 8 shows a week forever - many did. Now shows like SIX, almost all the Disney shows, TINA etc make outrageous demands on performers. It's a circus where screaming and belting vocals, and wall to wall pyrotechnic dancing are required. We've had hit shows without those elements - BANDS VISIT, FUN HOME, and even MARY POPPINS, which dont treat their casts as cannon fodder. But then one hast AINT TOO PROUD, HAMILTON, MEMPHIS and os many more that make its principals, and ensembles, go on beyond what can be expected. Our artists are as good and strong and able to 8 shows a week as ever. The material isnt.

A major opera singer will sing 40-50 complete opera performances per year. Thats it. Mixed with some recitals. The demands dont allow for more. Most modern musicals make demands that cannot be fulfilled 8 times a week.

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