re: Less Performance on Broadway petition
Posted by: ryhog 04:25 pm EDT 10/15/21
In reply to: re: Less Performance on Broadway petition - NewtonUK 01:31 pm EDT 10/15/21

You are right that this is not cost-free and no one (in the aggregate) can comfortably absorb the cost. Yes, Hamilton would do just fine if their grosses were reduced from $3mil (pre-covid) to $2.6mil but the average show (whether modestly breaking even or losing money) cannot sustain a 12.5% hit and still function. Likewise, these latter shows cannot add alternate pay to their nut without repercussions. So where does it come from? etc etc

That said, your golden age nostalgia is a joke and, as we all know, thee is no such thing as for profit opera. Finally, your "I don't hear a lot of moaning from them" nonsense suggests you need to have your hearing checked. That's what prompted this petition right now, but I guess you missed that part...

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