re: Angela Lansbury is 96 today
Posted by: BruceinIthaca 01:12 pm EDT 10/16/21
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I especially admire her performance in "Dear Heart." She plays a role set up clearly to be a shallow contrast to the supposedly endearing oddball played by Geraldine Page (whose character, despite Page's vulnerability and sweetness, can be, if you're in the wrong mood, simply irritating). I think Lansbury makes us see what is appealing about her character, how she is concerned as a mother, and how, whether consciously or not, she is looking to the Glenn Ford character to "save" her from Altoona. In late middle-age, I have more sympathy for her than I think the film wants me to have, and I am relieved that she and Ford don't end up together--as she will also end up unhappy with his sad-sack character. Phyllis, while materialistic and superficial, is not a villain--and she could so easily be one (like the much more despicable character Lansbury played frighteningly well in "Manchurian Candidate" and equally so in "The World of Henry Orient"). Lansbury clearly could mine her "shadow" side to superb dramatic effect.

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