THE VISITOR Last Night (Spoilers)
Posted by: sergius 07:07 am EDT 10/17/21

The visitor is not the subject. He's an undocumented immigrant who lifts a middle aged white man (David Hyde Pierce, the actual subject) out of depression and then gets deported. Really. I'm thrilled to be seeing theatre again, but after these nineteen months of tumult, it's disappointing to be back in the middle of the road. In particular, it's startling that no one involved here seems to have recognized that stories about whites who save, or are saved by, maligned others are not only a tiresome--and arguably offensive--cliche but are, at this moment especially, entirely tone deaf. Beyond this insurmountable problem, the production is professional if pallid; it's efficient (Daniel Sullivan directed) even as nothing surprising, or even interesting, happens. Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey's score is pleasant but platitudinous; there's nothing distinctive about it. And while there's some muddled--and middling--choreography, there doesn't need to be. In this show, the white guy still can't dance, but by the end he plays a mean drum. He's like a honorary immigrant but with a home and--finally!--freedom.

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