Great production of "Little Women" in Rochester, NY
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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see my first community theater production since the pandemic, Little Women the Musical, while visiting family up in Rochester (shoutout to theatrerocs.org which helped me find the production). I don't have much to say about the Webster Theater Guild production other than it was delightful, but one song in particular stood out to me.

I'm pretty familiar with the score, but didn't know the book at all (nor had I read the original books) before yesterday. When I listen to Little Women it's usually just the uptempos like Astonishing and Take A Chance on Me. But yesterday, in a theater of [vaccinated] people who had been through who-knows-what over the last year, what hit me most arrived at nearly the start of the show as Kate Bond's Marmee sang "Here Alone" (which I'd maybe listened to 10x max ever and but maybe never really "gotten") as she searches for the words to write to her husband away at war. "Nothing should remind you that I am here alone." The letter song seemed to carry over centuries and devastate all the more for it. That's all, it was a great show!

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