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Are these conversations you're hearing about the difference between dark make-up and blackface relating to white people changing their skin color in order to look African? And do they also touch on people using wigs of a different hair type than their own, because Olivier didn't just do the make-up, he did the wig as well, so there is no question that whether we are talking about Morocco or Nigeria, what Olivier did was black or brownface, and they are equally inappropriate.

If Professor Sheng walked into his class, dropped his pants and took a dump, and then just left that dump there for all to see, smelling up the entire room, while he taught, would we be having a debate about whether or not it's appropriate to take a dump in a class? No, of course not. It may not be written in any bylaws that you can't poop in a class and then teach as if nothing has happened, but we all know that you can't do it. This is the same, and some folks in this conversation are ignoring the simple fact that showing this film, in this way, without giving the students the opportunity to choose a different assignment (as in the ones who don't want to watch black face can read the play or watch any other version of it), is like dropping a big, giant turd in the room and making them all look at it and smell it, and then saying "this was part of my teaching".

And to do that and not even know that he was doing it is 100% oblivious.

As for the average, every day American... this is an almost impossible person to imagine, because there is no one average, every day American. But if we imagine an American who went to high school, they probably read "Othello", so they probably remember that Othello is African and is generally talked about as Black. If they don't know the play, though, and you gave them a quick summary of the plot, they'd likely consider Othello to be African and likely Black. And if you told them that a white person was playing that part in dark make-up, one would hope they would say that was blackface and racist.

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