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If someone is teaching about how a play is adapted into an opera and they only know one film version, they have not done their job.

But we also know that Sheng chose the Olivier because, as he says, it's the closest to the play, so he does know other versions. Anyone who is paying the least attention to our culture today knows that you can't show that version anymore, so then the work to be done is do a modicum of research into the other film versions that don't have blackface and choose one of those. Doesn't U of Michigan have a theater department? He could have asked them.

Hell, I just did a 30 second Google search and discovered that Trevor Nunn filmed the 1990 RSC production as a movie, and it's regarded as one of the best filmed version. If Sheng can't devote even five minutes to his lesson planning, again, he shouldn't be teaching.

And if he brought in a blackface movie without any warning, or any context, then he is simply is not caring for his students and that is a factual statement.

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