Win the Battle - Lose the War
Posted by: DavidEsq 01:31 pm EDT 10/17/21
In reply to: re: Showing Olivier’s “Othello” in class. - BruceinIthaca 01:05 pm EDT 10/16/21

Every single one of these extreme reactions to incidents like this has a net negative effect on making actual change. Congratulations. For every person that may be happy about the ultimate outcome here you've just lost 10 people around the country who may have become allies and look at incidents like this and see a completely disproportional reaction and turn themselves off to even listening to anything anymore. Should he have taken a couple of minutes to put this into context? Sure. Should this be national news? No way. The end result of this is to create smaller and smaller isolated bubbles of "wokeness" while creating larger and larger groups of people who just want to be as far away as possible for anything that might touch upon these issues and just be with people who are like them. The same people who pushing for further punishment here are the ones who look at this world and wonder how we ended up with so many people who follow people like Trump. Anyone who thinks that seeing things like this doesn't push more people away than it does making allies is deluding themselves.

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