re: Win the Battle - Lose the War
Posted by: DavidEsq 01:56 pm EDT 10/17/21
In reply to: re: Win the Battle - Lose the War - Ann 01:34 pm EDT 10/17/21

With a more proportional response that sought to educate rather than punish perhaps that would be what most people would take away from this. But I stand by my statement that for every person who's main take away is learning about blackface and why it's offensive, you'll have far more people who look at this and think the reaction went too far and will see the professor as the victim here. And once the reaction turns him into the victim in the eyes of the majority - that is a step backwards and changes the focus from blackface to the continued demands for further punishment. There are far far too many incidents where punishment takes on far more importance than education. And until that changes - expect actually fomenting change to continue to become more difficult on a larger scale.

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