People are indeed asking for him to be educated, not punished
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:17 pm EDT 10/17/21
In reply to: re: Win the Battle - Lose the War - DavidEsq 01:56 pm EDT 10/17/21

Where do you see this discussion being about punishing rather than educating? The only action taken against Sheng was to remove him as the teacher of this course for this semester... which, having lost the students' trust and respect, there is no way that he could have continued in that position. He has not been fired, nor do I expect he will be fired. He has not lost commissions, nor do I expect that he will lose commissions. He has not lost his place as a pre-eminent composer in American music, nor do I expect that he will. More importantly, he shouldn't lose his stature or his job, but he should, he must first take the time to be educated as to how to teach his course in an appropriate manner.

So often when we get into these discussions, reactionaries loudly declare that the left is trying to cancel somebody or punish somebody, when that simply isn't true. If people are being polarized by this, then your outsize rhetoric is as much a part of that - as is your refusal to consider what it was like for those students to be forced to watch 90 minutes of Laurence Olivier hamming it up in full body dark makeup and a tight-cropped Black hair wig. Why must they be subjugated to this so that you can feel safe in your understanding of what is and is not appropriate?

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