re: THE VISITOR Last Night (Spoilers)
Posted by: scottcain 05:52 pm EDT 10/17/21
In reply to: THE VISITOR Last Night (Spoilers) - sergius 07:07 am EDT 10/17/21

I was there last night too (my 4th show in 3 days during a quick trip from Ohio). It seemed really odd that one of the leads (Ari) missed the first performance, but his understudy was great. The score and flow reminded me a lot of IF / THEN, except without the belting. Not sure what changes they made to make it less "white-savior" oriented, but I sort of had the takeaway that the immigrants in the story helped DHP's character more than the other way around, despite the character's best efforts. I don't think this likely could sustain a Broadway audience long term, but smaller, quiet shows have done so in the past (Once, The Band's Visit), so I could be wrong.


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